What is teledentistry and how it may benefit your practice?

According to the American Dental Association, teledentistry is “the use of telehealth systems and methodologies in dentistry”. The use of teledentistry in a dental practice can include live video conferencing, exchange of patient health records, remote patient monitoring and mobile health.

Teledentistry is an important consideration to add to your practice because it bridges the communication gap of delivering your patients the best possible oral health care at their convenience. Give your patients the ability to interact with your office beyond your physical office location through telehealth technology advancements.

In addition, the use of teledentistry at your dental practice results in a more patient centric approach which may lead to increased revenue due to lower cancellation rate, higher satisfaction and better patient engagement and retention because you are maximizing your schedule and patient access to you.

What is CDT code D9995 synchronous teledentistry?

Synchronous teledentistry is real-time communication, such as video conferencing, between a family dental practice to a specialty practice (e.g., a live video conference between patient, general dentist and oral surgeon about an emergency extraction due to an active infection).

Are you referring your patients to a dental specialist or a medical practice? If you are, consider teledentistry in your referral process so that your patients are given direct access to the care they need. ZystemsGo can help you get started with teledentistry by delivering a secure and reliable all-in-one system including software, hardware and support.

What is CDT code D9996 asynchronous teledentistry?

Asynchronous teledentistry is something that many practices are already doing today. Did you know that sending a patient referral to another practitioner is considered teledentistry? Asynchronous teledentistry is securely exchanging patient medical records (e.g., patient x-ray images, treatment plans, 3D scans) to another practitioner for evaluation or treatment. 

Teledentistry Medical Cart

Don’t know where to start with teledentistry? Give yourself the flexibility to move from room to room with a customizable mobile medical cart. We will work with you to build a quality medical cart to maximize your workflow and expand your capability of transporting the right equipment for your teledentistry need.  

9 Benefits of a Teledentistry Medical Cart:

  1. HIPAA compliance with complete 256-bit end-to-end encryption
  2. Direct conferencing capability with other clinical professionals
  3. High quality video communication platform for enhanced patient experience
  4. Ability to integrate to practice management software*
  5. Customization of dental and medical accessories and tools – such as intraoral camera
  6. Screen sharing tool to display images and documents
  7. Technical support and hardware maintenance on medical cart
  8. Easy and secure exchange of patient health information
  9. Option to record video consults for malpractice protection

Secure, smart and simplified teledentistry for today’s practice

We offer our telehealth medical mobile cart as a DAAS: device as a service. ZystemsGo offers a complete HIPAA compliant, teledentistry solution with software, hardware, and device services and support to keep you connected to your patients and expand your patient outreach.