Managed IT Support

At ZystemsGo, we believe that technology plays a critical role in your practice daily business performance. We offer reliable computer network maintenance and IT management services for medical and dental practices throughout Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Are you experiencing delays due to computers or network system not performing at their optimal level?
Do you have to take time out of your busy schedule to fix your computer problems? How long are you waiting until you are operational again?

Break/fix technology services provide medical and dental practices on an as-needed basis. With this model, practices will contact a technology service provider to travel on-site to fix the problem. This method can be time consuming as you may not get immediate help when needed. You must schedule the on-site visit and wait for the technician to arrive at your practice in order to diagnose the problem. There is also the possibility of not being able to fix the problem in one visit due to hardware failure.

Having a full-time IT employee on staff may be costly. For a dental practice, having an IT team that understands your dental software and technology requirements is vital to conduct business more efficiently and improve productivity, while reducing costs. Additionally, implementing new hardware or software technology can be very challenging. Most healthcare practices are using IT systems to operate daily business functions. Therefore, it is critical to find a cost-effective method to understand the system requirements and manage the technology.

ZystemsGo offers three levels of managed IT support: standard, remote and full services. ZystemsGo technicians are trained to resolve any computer problem and they are located in the United States. Our helpdesk provides superior support to all ZystemsGo clients. Most computer problems and network issues can easily be fixed remotely, which significantly reduces downtime for any medical or dental practice. While having remote support is critical to get your practice up and running in a short period of time, on-site support is also important when handling emergency situations. Contact us today to discuss the different managed IT support services available to your practice.

Remote management services include the following:

  • Preventative hardware and software maintenance
  • Computer and server support
  • Daily monitoring
  • Server administration
  • Daily data backup
  • Off-site data storage
  • Backup software updates
  • Network security

ZOMO Solution for Multi-office environments

ZystemsGo multi-office environments ZOMO solution is an optimization appliance for a dental practice with more than one office. This appliance is used to enable remote access to one network server from any location at any time. It also increases the network speed at all office locations. With this solution, dental practices with more than one office will have a faster network, greater accessibility, and a smoother running practice network.

ZystemsGo delivers seamless communication between offices, regardless of physical location. Make remote communications easier and more reliable.

Benefits of work location flexibility:

  • Improves communication between one business with multiple offices
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduce cost
  • No cloud practice management – file synchronization and replication (access locally) vs
  • Replication of data at each office
  • Speed access to files form different office location
  • A single file view of all company files, regardless of office location
  • Cross-office file sharing solves the issues of large files and/or limited bandwidth where cloud-only file sharing solutions fail.

Technology Evaluation

We follow the four simple steps when evaluating your technology infrastructure whether you are building a new practice, updating your current computer equipment, or simply just need your technology to work seamlessly:

STEP 1: Discover – We work closely with you and your team to understand your current workflow and technology environment.

STEP 2: Analyze – We assess your environment, identify any issues or potential problems and outline your business requirements.

STEP 3: Transparent – We provide recommendations on ways to improve technology performance, save money on hardware purchases and achieve better results.

STEP 4: Action – We implement the required plans of action to increase productivity and accomplish your business goals.

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