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Telehealth Can Improve the Patient Experience

Improving the patient experience by optimizing telehealth through COVID-19 and beyond We are facing a global healthcare crisis unlike any in our recent history. Within the span of a few short weeks, we saw our lives and practices drastically change. COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how medical care is delivered today and possibly for many years to come.

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Remote working during COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for secure remote working during the coronavirus outbreak Remote working from home is not complicated. Most of us do so now and again. Accessing an internet connection is easy enough, and cloud office suites and SaaS applications make it seamless to transition from working at the office to doing so on the couch in

electronic medical record

What cybercriminals steal when they hack hospitals

When hospitals have access to your electronic medical record, you get better care. Depending on what you’re admitted for, readily available digital health information could be the difference between life and death. But information made digital is information made hackable. Hackers nab more than just your credit cards, social security number, and other demographic and

Windows 10

Secure your world by upgrading to Windows 10

January 14th is right around the corner, and when it comes Windows 7 will no longer be supported. Hackers around the world are heralding that day as the beginning of a hackers paradise. In this modern-day Shangri la older devices become entry points into a world of data, ripe for the taking. Fear not for

League of Chaos

Meet the League of Chaos

Windows 7 PCs will no longer be supported, making them vulnerable to hackers like the League of Chaos. While the video may be funny, security vulnerabilities are not amusing.