Hardware and Network Equipment Purchases

We greatly depend on technology in our everyday lives. Can you imagine how your practice would function today if your server goes down or what would happen if your computer has been locked due to a virus?  How difficult would it be for you to send an emergency patient referral to a specialist if your Internet goes down? At ZystemsGo, we understand the importance of keeping your practice network functioning at optimum speed without interruption. ZystemsGo can help you with the purchase of your computer system and network equipment to gain a competitive edge with faster, stronger networking technologies that will improve access, efficiency and security for your dental practice. Network equipment:

  • Computer – select computer workstations that are the right fit for your dental practice and compatible with your dental software specifications to provide you with performance and security
  • Server – reduce costs and complexity by investing in a server that is reliable and can handle your workload 
  • Hubs and Switches – deliver simple simply how computers on your network communicate with compact hubs and switches that share information
  • Adapters and Cables – improve communication between computers and servers when you connect network devices with the right adapters or cables
  • Routers – connect multiple devices wirelessly at a faster speed when you create an extended local area network.
  • Firewalls – monitor and control your incoming and outgoing network traffic to keep your practice private network secure. 
  • Wireless products – create a better wireless experience for mobility within your practice and for patients 


ZystemsGo manages your server so that it is up to speed and allow you to run an efficient practice without the headache of keeping track of server replacement. We will monitor your server and recommend when a server replacement is needed. Once you are ready to replace your server, we will build, configure and set-up the new server. We also schedule server deployment around your business operation to reduce any down time during the implementation stage.