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The Maryland State Dental Association represents the dental profession’s efforts to provide high quality and ethical oral health care to the public. It is the professional association for dentists in the state of Maryland, and a constituent of the American Dental Association.

ZystemsGo is honored to be selected as a trusted vendor to support MSDA members as the dental IT service provider for the state of Maryland. The MSDA Members Perks Program connects members with trusted companies that support dental practices and offer member discounts.

Dental IT Service Provider

5 Benefits of Working with ZystemsGo, a Dental Managed IT Service Provider

  1. Access to a dedicated team of experts specializing in dental technology
  2. Ability to focus on your business instead of IT problems
  3. Stay on top of your network security
  4. Proactive approach in computer system and software upgrades
  5. Implement access control and remote access set-up


“When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities.”
— Jennifer Pahlka


By leveraging our technology background and resources, ZystemsGo is committed to helping the dental community reach beyond their goals of offering free dental care to adults in the state of Maryland. We have actively participated in many of the Mission of Mercy events since 2013. Our goal is to maintain a local footprint in responding to local needs of our community to support our local communities in providing free quality care to those in need.

Not only do we provide the innovative technology equipment and software needed to operate a free dental clinic, we are dedicated to making sure that our community leaders and chairs continue to be at the forefront of technology.


ZystemsGo Community Outreach by the Numbers

“In 2019, well over 1100 patients were treated and over $1.126 million dollars worth of services were provided.”
— Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy
Over $7.5 millions in total dental care
12 Mission of Mercy free clinics
Participating in Mission of Mercy events throughout the state of Maryland since 2013
More than 10,000 patients received free dental care

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“As the chairman of the recent Mid-Maryland Mission of Mercy, I can candidly say that the event would not have taken place without ZystemsGo’ s involvement. The creativity and professionalism that ZystemsGo team brought to the table was critical to the success of the event. ZystemsGo allowed us to review and finalize our event results within days after the event. Whereas, it would have taken us over a month to manually review each patient chart and summarize the data.”
— Jim Nalls, Chair of Mid-Maryland Mission of Mercy
“ZystemsGo helped us take our program to the next level. We were able to streamline our processes and produce rigorous, quantitative outcomes for our event model. They allowed us to improve patient record-keeping, confidentiality, and data storage. Their team was reliable and attentive to our ever-evolving needs. They are the leaders in the field for this region.”
— Scott Gottbreht, PhD, Associate VP, Homeless Services
“I have worked with ZystemsGo Go since we started planning our first Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy in 2012. Lauren and Leon never cease to amaze me as they not only create our forms, analyze our data but they are so personally involved at all of our events. Leon and Lauren are always encouraging me to do more and to offer better ways of utilizing them and dreaming about how our event can be better each new time. Anytime that I ask a question, I get a prompt reply and they always have time for me. We could never pull off any of our events without them. They come to site visits prior to our event which can be more than a 5-hour round trip for them. I wish that all of the people involved in the Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy were half as committed as they are.”
— Dr. Rowland Holsinger, Chair of Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy